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Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.

A newborn’s skull is so fragile because it is still forming even after birth. There are several soft spots on the baby’s head and so it’s really important to keep the baby safe to prevent damage during this fragile time. The Torle is a comfortable, lightweight baby beanie that helps prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome.

Flat Head Syndrome occurs when flat spots develop on an infant’s skill or when an infant’s neck muscles become tight on one side causing a neck tilt. It is a serious condition that can lead to long-term consequences for babies.


So many parents aren’t aware that their baby can get flat head syndrome or that it is preventative. I prevented my son from Flat Head Syndrome when he was newborn by giving him lots of tummy time each day, I made sure he napped on a different side so his head wouldn’t get used to one spot, and I also made sure that if he fell asleep in his car seat or swing, that he was transferred quickly to his bed.

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The Tortle is a great way to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. This Tortle aids in the positioning of the infants to keep them from lying too long on the same parts of their head. It’s a beanie that your baby can wear most of the day, and you can switch the Tortle from side to side with each feeding to alleviate the flat spots and neck tightness that newborns often develop.

We used the Tortle when my nieces were born and they will be turning one soon and do not have Flat Head Syndrome or neck tightness. The Tortle was easy to put on and we would alternative which side the Tortle was on so that they wouldn’t get used to one side. Using the Tortle was an effective way to prevent Flat Head Syndrome and I would highly recommend it to new parents.

The Tortle is now available at Target!

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