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I received a complementary DVD for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Hallmark Double Feature: Meddling Mom / Sweeter Side of Life
The Sweeter Side of Life

This movie follows the life of Desiree Harper, wife of a high-powered Manhattan doctor. It starts off showing how fabulous Desiree’s life is, full of luxury, friends, and and endless supply of fancy clothing & accessories. When her husband forgets their anniversary and her marriage suddenly comes to an end when he wants a divorce, her life spirals downhill. She soon finds herself broke, abandoned by her “friends”, and living in New Jersey to help her dad’s struggling bakery.

Although she wants to return to her life of luxury, working with her dad opens her eyes to a different aspect of life. She rediscovers her love for baking and uses her business degree to save her dad’s shop. When her success at the bakery leads to an unexpected opportunity she must make a choice to recapture what she’s lost or what she’s recently found.

This movie was a great family movie and taught some really good lessons. I felt like the plot moved along really quickly, like there wasn’t much transitions, but if you’re the type that likes to watch movies quickly and get straight to the point, then you’d enjoy this movie. I loved the irony and there were a few LOL moments we thought were great. The ending was nice, but I won’t spoil it! You have to watch it to find out what happens with Desiree.

Meddling Mom

In Meddling Mom, Carmen is guilty of scheming with her two best friends, Marisol and Valeria, to sneak on her two daughters’ lives. She secretly leaves baby books out for her recently wed daughter, manipulates her youngest daughter into a doomed date with her best friend’s son. Ultimately, Carmen just can’t stop interfering with her daughters’ lives and she is in for a rude awakening.

She finds herself constantly intruding in her daughters’ love lives instead of trying to find one of her own. Yolanda and Ally (Carmen’s daughters) are tired of their mom’s meddling and start some scheming of their own. They set their mom up on a date with a ballroom dance teacher who has a huge crush on her. Things finally feel like they’re going well, until Carmen butts into Ally’s boyfriend’s job and gets him into trouble with his boss. Will she ever learn her lesson?

This movie was fun to watch but not my favorite of the two. I enjoyed the Sweeter Side of Life much more, but Meddling Mom was still a good family movie. I’m sure everyone can relate with someone constantly butting into their life without notice. The movie is very relatable and realistic.

Hallmark Double Feature: Meddling Mom / Sweeter Side of Life is available on DVD now. It runs for 180 minutes total, with each movie running for roughly an hour and a half. They are not rated, but I wouldn’t be too concerned. These movies were good family movies.

Suggest retail price is $14.93 but you can get it on Amazon for $12.99.

I received a complementary DVD for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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