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Disclosure: I received the below mentioned product from Backyard Ocean to facilitate this review, however all opinions expressed are my own.


Backyard Ocean makes it possible for you to turn your own backyard into a perfect summer hangout for your family. They offer a wide variety of swimming pools, filters, pumps, pool accessories, equipment and so much more so you can enjoy a beach party in your own backyard.


Zach loves taking baths and playing in the water, so I knew he would enjoy the Slide & Splash Dolphin Kiddie Pool we received from Backyard Ocean. The pool measures 85in x 62in x 24.5in, so it’s a perfect size for my toddler and nephews.


The pool was very easy to set up, there are 3 nozzles and I just used our air pump to inflate it. It took about 10 minutes to inflate by hand, and then I attached the hose through the attachment to fill up the pool which took about 15 minutes to reach the fill line. I absolutely love the designs on the pool, they’re very cute and appropriate. Zach was so anxious to jump into the pool, but I had to wait a few hours for the water to heat up, so I kept him occupied until then.


Zach has never been in a pool before, so he was a little hesitant at first. He refused to get wet and was just standing in the pool for about half an hour, just kicking the water. Then, he starting warming up and decided to sit down. Let the splashing begin! I thought the pool would be too small for him but it proved to be just perfect for his size. I didn’t add more water above the fill line for safety reasons, but I think Zach would do just fine in a deeper pool in the future.


Zach was getting really comfortable in the Dolphin Kiddie Pool and starting showing me his swimming skills. My nephew came over later and played with Zach in the pool and there was still enough room for another. I think the Dolphin Kiddie pool is great for toddlers just getting the hang of being in a pool. He had so much fun!


And of course Zach’s favorite part of the Dolphin Kiddie Pool is the slide! The slide was inflated with plenty of air and allowed it to become very sturdy. We made sure to get the slide wet before Zach went on it to allow for a smoother ride. He loved the slide and kept wanted to get on it several times. I thought he would get bored, but he didn’t. He thought it was so much fun.


The Slide & Splash Dolphin Kiddie Pool from Backyard Ocean is becoming my toddler’s favorite outdoor activity. It’s a perfect size for him and his cousins to play in and the slide allows for an additional station to add to the fun and excitement of playing in a pool. We do have to find a way to filter out the water from the bugs that seem to land in the pool, but that isn’t much of a problem. I would suggest after filling the pool to give it a few hours for the water to heat up, otherwise the water will be terribly cold and your toddlers might not like that.

Zach had to wait for the water to heat up, but once it was warm enough and he was allowed to play in it, he had a blast! I had to force him out of the water after a couple of hours because it was getting cold haha. He loves this pool and plays in it almost everyday when it’s not raining. It’s a great investment for your summer outdoor activities!

Retail: $32.99 Now $24.99!

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