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Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d share some of the Halloween Safety Tips my family follows each year.

1.) Costumes should be age-appropriate.
I love seeing the different costumes that the kids wear each year when they go trick-or-treating. However, I shouldn’t be seeing 7-year old “sexy nurses” roaming the neighborhood. Make sure your child’s costume is age-appropriate, please. 

2.) Halloween party? Make sure there are chaperones!
Whenever we have Halloween parties, we always make sure there are chaperones. Whether it’s myself, my older sister, or mom. If your child/teen is attending a Halloween party this year (and they are underage) check in with the host’s parents and see if they are chaperoning or if there will be any chaperones. It allows you to have a peace of mind when your child is out having fun.

3.) Don’t let your child trick-or-treat alone.
Trick-or-treating in groups, or with an adult makes it less likely for something bad to happen. Every year I hear about children who have gone mission (or worse) on the news. Don’t let it happen to your kids. Make sure there is an adult with them at all times when they’re out at night trick-or-treating.

4.) Always set a curfew.
When my nephew and brothers go trick-or-treating, they usually leave the house around 6pm and come home at 8pm. 8pm is our curfew. Setting a curfew gives you the chance to not only make sure your kids are safe and home, but to also talk to them about how their night was and if they had fun.

5.) Candy-Checking, Candy-Checking
The rule in our house is: If it’s open, don’t eat it. Candy that’s wrapped is much safer to eat than candy that’s unwrapped that has been touched by other people. Candy checking allows you to make sure there is nothing unsafe in your child’s trick-or-treat bag. When we candy-check, we also split up the candy to make sure our kids don’t eat it all in one night.

What are some safety tips your family follows each Halloween?


Photo credit: ramyo / Foter / CC BY-NC

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