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I ask myself that question often, and it seems like my answer changes each time. Ever since I gave birth to Zach in May 2011, my fitness goals have plummetted. I have hight expectations for myself when it comes to losing weight, but then my natural laziness gets the best of me.

In May 2012 (exactly one year after giving birth), my weight was 160lbs (the same as when I was 9 months pregnant!) and for someone with my height (5’3″) that put me on the overweight side of the spectrum. Travelling overseas to visit my husband  put things in perfective for me. For starters, I travelled alone so I had to carry Zach and my belongings by myself. 10 minutes of walking from one gate to the next left me completely out of breath! I was so embarrassed. 

Being overweight also made me realize that I couldn’t be the mom that I always wanted to be for Zach. I couldn’t play with him for long periods of time, and since he’s  gotten bigger I couldn’t carry him as often as I’d like, or rock him to sleep like I used to because I would get tired so fast. It’s sad.

That’s when I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer. Being in a new country with a different lifestyle helped me begin my weight loss goals. I found myself only drinking water, as opposed to the carbonated beverages I was used to in America, and eating 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday at the same time. I make sure that my last meal/snack is at 8pm so that gives my body enough time to digest before the next day. Another thing? I actually eat breakfast now, which never happened before.

The most surprising thing is that I never did exercise. I just completed changed my eating habits. So, what are my results so far?

I lost 17lbs these past 3 months, and didn’t even know it! I only have about 15lbs left to lose before I reach my goal weight of 128lbs. After seeing my results from just changing my diet, I’m even more motivated to throw in some exercise routines and continue dropping the weight.

I’m hoping to reach my goal by December 2012 so that I can start the New Year with a bang. I’m so excited to see my result, and I hope that you’ll continue to follow my journey.

Starting Weight: 160lbs
Current Weight: 143lbs
Goal Wight: 128lbs

So, why do you want to lose weight?
What are your fitness goals?

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