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The 9th Season of One Tree Hill is finally available on DVD and Ultraviolet! Season 9 presented a lot of new challenges for the One Tree Hill Characters, that many of us can relate to. In season 9, Haley tried to find her husband Nathan who was kidnapped, Clay finds himself sleepwalking and forgetting long periods of time, and Brooke & Julian are new parents to twins!

While I can’t relate to sleepwalking or being kidnapped, I can definitely relate to the challenges of becoming a new parent. Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever held. I got married right out of high school and found out I was pregnant only a few months later. What was most challenging about taking on the role of a mother was that my husband couldn’t be here during my pregnancy and for the first year of Squishy’s life. I didn’t have the support that my husband could have offered me during my difficult times when I was pregnant and raising Squishy.

I overcame this challenge with the support and help of my family. While my husband couldn’t be here, I knew that I had my parents and siblings to help me with Squishy when I needed it most, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I will be visiting my husband this summer for 3 months with Squishy, so it will be a nice reunion for us to finally spend time together as a family.

What new challenges have you faced and overcome recently?

Be sure to check out Season 9 of One Tree Hill now available on DVD and Ultraviolet!

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