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As a new mom, I’ve learned the importance of providing my baby with products that are free of chemicals and are especially safe and effective for him.  My journey towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle continues with The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba. The Honest Company provides families with essential products that are safe, eco-friendly, stylish, and affordable.

The Honest Company uses only the safest ingredients for their products and offers a delivery service so that you can enjoy their products with the convenience of having them delivered to you on a reliable schedule. The Diaper Bundle includes a month supply of diapers and wipes and the Family Essentials Bundle includes bath & body products as well as cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, dish soap, surface cleaner, etc).

I received a box of goodies from The Honest Company which included: 7 diapers, 10-count wipes, hand sanitizer, dish soap, shampoo, healing balm, lotion, laundry detergent, and hand soap. Right away I could tell that this company takes their design aspect very seriously because all of the products looked very modern and stylish… especially the diapers!

I was excited to try the diapers on Squishy because they are free of chemicals, 100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and made of plant-based materials. See? Disposables can be eco-friendly, too. These diapers were so great! They were very soft, in fact a lot softer than Huggies and Pampers natural line of diapers, and were also very absorbent. I noticed with these diapers that Squishy had no irritations or rashes like he would with other brands of disposables, so I knew that they were honest. Of the bunch, the anchors printed one was my favorite (for obvious reasons). The baby wipes we tried were very soft and damp, however they were too thin to get the job done. I found myself stacking the wipes in order to wipe Squishy clean. So that is something that they can improve on.

The Honest Shampoo and foaming body cleanser is perfectly pH balanced and works well to remove dirt without stripping natural oils. It has a fresh vanilla and tangerine smell that leaves Squishy’s hair smelling so lovely and helps protect his hair as well. There is Vitamin E  and organic aloe in this shampoo, so it helps keep his hair and skin (if using as a cleanser) hydrated and moisturized. There are no harsh chemicals (EVER) in the Honest products and what I love most about the shampoo is that it is sensitive enough to use on babies with cradle cap. Squishy had horrible cradle cap as a newborn, so I’m glad that these products are available for others out there now for this problem.

As much as I love using hand sanitizer for a quick germ-killer while I’m outside, I hate how dry it often leaves my hands. The Honest Company’s hand sanitizer is one that has yet to leave my hands dry! It’s plant-based and made of all natural ingredients. It contains aloe and Vitamin E for extra moisturizing, so it will not dry out your skin. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria including pneumonia, e. coli, and MRSA in as little as 15 seconds. I love that I can use this anywhere! They even make smaller bottles of it so that you can carry it around with you in your purse or diaper bag. This is definitely a must-have item for us!

The only other  chemical-free dish soap I’ve tried was from Seventh Generation, so I was really excited to try out a new brand of dish soap with the same benefits. What I love about the Honest Company’s dish soap is that is works just as well as the leading brands. It has all the effective grease and dish-cleaning power that I would expect, and it rinses off really well. There is virtually no streaking or spotting left when my dishes are drying, and it also works well as an all-purpose soap for other household chores. The Honest Dish Soap is all natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. We enjoy using this dish soap and would definitely consider it in the future.

If you’re looking for essential eco-friendly products for your entire family, then I would definitely recommend checking out The Honest Company. You won’t be disappointed, and you can even customize your bundles each month, delivered right to your door. How great is that?

There’s even a Free-Trial offer you can check out!
Customize it to fit your family’s needs.

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