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Ladybug Jane’s line of lip balms instantly became one of my favorites a few months ago when I had the opportunity to review them. Ladybug Jane uses 100% natural flavors. The lip balms are organic and vegan, packaged in eco-friendly packaging, and have never been tested on animals. Ladybug Jane lip balms are my go-to products to moisturize and nourish my lips.

My favorite flavor happens to be coconut, so I was extremely excited when I got to try out the coconut flavored lip balm that Ladybug Jane offers. A few weeks ago I ran out of lip balm and wanted to order some more from Ladybug Jane. I purchased 3 lip balms from the site- orange bliss, plain jane, and crazy coconut. I was so excited when my package arrived, but when I opened it I noticed that the crazy coconut lip balm was completely empty. I was so upset. It was really the one I had been waiting to use.

I decided to contact Ladybug Jane to let her know what happened and asked if there was a way they would be able to replace my empty lip balm. I was hoping that they would send over a replacement lip balm, but Jane’s reply to my email really surprised me:

Hi Aly. My sincere apologies. We use the empties for display purposes at Whole Foods and other store demos, one must have got mixed up in our inventory. This will definitely never happen again. I will ship 3 full coconuts to you :) Sorry for the inconvenience. Warm regards, Jane.

Her apology was so sincere and it was so thoughtful of her to ship me, not one but, THREE replacement coconut flavored lip balms. How sweet is that? I was really surprised by this and so very grateful.

When my package came in the mail today I was even more excited than the first time! I just wanted to thank Ladybug Jane SO much for her sincere apology and generosity. I am definitely going to remain a returning customer not only because their lip balms are seriously the best I’ve ever tried, but because their customer service is so amazing, too.

Thank you, Ladybug Jane!!

XO, Aly

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