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If you’ve been following along, you would know that Squishy recently signed his very first word a couple weeks ago. “Milk” was the word that started his sign language journey, and I must say I get excited every time he signs it! This week, Squishy learned to sign two words “eat” and “more”. I wasn’t surprised that he learned these both at the same time because I sign both to him during his feedings.

He started crying earlier because he was hungry and I kept asking him, “do you want to eat?” and he signed the word right back to me. A few seconds later he was eating and was quite content! During his feeding I would ask him if he wanted more and he would sign “more” back to me, and then he would eat more. When he was finished I made sure to sign “all done” to him, so I’m hoping that will be the next word we focus on.

I think it’s so amazing how much he’s learning in such a short period of time. I wanted to show you guys how he’s starting his sign language, so I took a video of him signing to me afterwards. You can see that he signs the word “eat” almost perfectly and that he’s still trying to figure out “more”. I am so proud of him!

I’m going to try to teach him a new word every week and see how he progresses. This is so exciting!

XO, Aly

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