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2011 quickly shaped up to be the ‘year of the baby bump’ in celeb-land, with A-listers such as Hilary Duff, January Jones and Jennifer Garner announcing their pregnancies. Some of our finest British talent was also bitten by the baby bug – Mel B, Amanda Holden and Billie Piper included.

Pictured with various levels of bumps at various stages of their pregnancies, these stars all had one crucial thing in common: the ability to look gorgeous and make their pregnancy figure work for and not against them. Of course, looking amazing 24/7 is part of a celebrity’s job description and it’s made a lot easier for them by having an army of stylists to hand. But you don’t need a stylist to look gorgeous throughout your own pregnancy; by taking inspiration from the celebs you too can dress your bump to perfection in stylish maternity wear

Throughout your pregnancy there’ll be days when you feel confident in your own skin and want to show off your bump and days when you feel less like doing so. During those times of self-confidence, take a leaf from Mad Men’s January Jones’ book. The star announced her pregnancy to the public by making an appearance in a snug fitting top and white linen pants, highlighting her blossoming pregnancy for all to see.

Whilst, of course, it is important to be comfortable in your clothing, this doesn’t always entail swamping your bump in layers. For a simple and tasteful look like January, go for linen trousers or leggings with a cotton vest or T-shirt to flatter your bump. Alternatively, during those times when your confidence dips and you don’t feel like drawing attention to yourself, try working your pregnancy style like Jessica Simpson. Ponchos were a favourite of Jessica’s throughout the early stages of her pregnancy. A poncho will work well in terms of being comfy and fashionable, especially during the chilly first months of spring.

For a feminine and stylish look that works for those warmer days, a maternity maxi dress  is an ideal option. It’s something you can move around in, which will flow nicely over your bump, yet still allow you to feel trendy and fabulous!


Disclosure: This has been sponsored guest post. This information was provided to me by a PR representative or agency. I received monetary compensation for posting this article.

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