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Little Bee Co. is a cloth diaper store that offers micro-suede and bamboo cloth diapers that come in vibrant colors and cloth diaper accessories (wet bags, wipes, diaper rash cream) that will make your cloth diapering journey much easier. What I love about the Little Bee Co. cloth diaper company is their passion for providing cloth diapers for babies in need. With every diaper purchased, The Little Bee Co. will donate a diaper to an orphan in need. If you just want to donate a diaper, then Little Bee Co will send off TWO diapers, the one you donated as well as the one they donate for the purchase, too. Once enough diapers are collected for each baby in one entire orphanage, the diapers are delivered and the orphanage workers are assisted with their transition to modern cloth diapering. This is so nice of the Little Bee Co and very inspiring!

Each color cloth diaper represents a different orphanage, so when I chose the color of the cloth diaper I was going to review, I kept this in mind. I chose to review the African Rain cloth diaper from Little Bee Co. This one sized pocket diaper includes 2 microfiber inserts- a full-sized adjustable insert and a contoured newborn insert. The latter snaps onto the larger insert, so you can choose to use both inserts together for nighttime and naps or separately for daytime. I really love that the newborn insert snaps onto the larger insert. This helps a lot with diaper changes and laundry. I can keep both inserts snapped together in the wash and I won’t have to search for them in the pile later.

The Little Bee Co. one size pocket diaper fits most babies between 8 to 35lbs. The exterior features a soft, waterproof PUL and the interior features a 100% all natural bamboo fleece lining that is not only luxuriously soft, but also very hypo-allergenic. I was actually really surprised by how soft this diaper is and I can tell right away that Squishy really appreciated it. The inner lining does a fabulous job of keeping his bum really dry, too.

The diaper has 3 rise settings and features a 10 row waist snap. The front design is very simple and clean. There is elastic on the front of the diaper that is specially designed as a leak guard. Unlike a few diapers I’ve tried with this feature, the elastic on the Little Bee Co. doesn’t hurt Squishy or give him red marks. One of my favorite features of the front design is the Wrap&Go feature! This eliminates messy diaper storage by allowing you to roll the diaper up and snap it in place, giving you more room in your diaper bag or clean diaper hamper. The cross over snap feature also allows this diaper to accommodate a tiny waist, too.

Squishy is currently on the smallest setting and we haven’t had any problems with leaking or red marks with this diaper. I love the sleek design and the color is so vibrant that it stands out among Squishy’s other diapers. We love using this diaper for daytime and for naps. It does a wonderful job of keeping Squishy dry and comfortable.

Buy It:
The Little Bee Co Micro-suede diapers retail for $19.95
The Little Bee Co Bamboo diapers retail for $21.95

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s), free of charge, for reviewing purposes. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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