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For the first 2 months of Squishy’s life, he loved to be swaddled during the night. It helped keep him warm and helped him to fall asleep faster. I never really looked into sleep sacks until he was about 4-5 months old and the swaddling was becoming less preferred by him. I bought a few sleep sacks from Carters (a brand I trust and love), but nothing compares to the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest.

Baby Deedee was created by a work at home mom named Dominique, who hoped to create the perfect sleep nest for her baby. She did just that, and more. Baby Deedee Sleep Nests come in two styles of wearable blankets: Sleep Nest (Original) and Sleep Nest Lite. The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is recommended for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 36 months. I chose to review the Sleep Nest in Dream Blue. The Sleep Nest is made of a quilted, duvet material so I knew that it would keep Squishy well warm during the cold months ahead of us. The sleep nest shell is made from 100% cotton for maximum breathability.

One of my favorite things about the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is how easy it is to place your baby inside, even when baby is sleeping. I struggle to place Squishy inside other sleep sacks when he’s fast asleep and I almost always end up waking him during the process. With the Sleep Nest, the shoulders snap on and off so the entire thing opens up in such a way where you can place baby inside without waking him up. Once Squishy is place in the Sleep Nest, I can easily snap the shoulders into place as opposed to trying to put his arm through arm holes in other sleep sacks. The Sleep Nest is my go-to sleep sack during the night because I know that I can place Squishy inside the sleep nest without waking him up. The snaps are easy to press and you don’t have to use too much force to do so.

The zipper on the Sleep Nest is another favorite feature of mine. The zipper is designed so that it is reversed, starting from the chest and zipping down towards the feet as opposed to started at the feet and zipping up towards the chest. This keeps my mind at peace knowing that Squishy won’t be able to chew on the zipper and potentially hurt his gums (or teeth in the future) if the zipper gets caught in his mouth while he is kicking his sleep nest. I love the idea of reversed zippers and am excited that this design is exclusive to the line of Baby Deedee Sleep Nests.

Wearable blankets, like the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest, are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as they decrease the risks of SIDS and other risks caused from loose blankets in baby’s crib. Dressing your baby properly during bedtime is very important, so be sure to check your baby’s room temperature and plan accordingly. The Sleep Nest is one of my favorite bedtime accessories for Squishy, and I plan to continue using Baby Deedee products in the future as well.

Buy It:
Baby Deedee Sleep Nest retails for $36-39

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product, free of charge, for reviewing purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own, and may differ from yours.

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