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And now for the much anticipated cloth diaper review!

Haha, I’m finally getting around to reviewing one of my new favorite newborn diapers- GroVia All In One. I bought this from The Reynolds Mom a little over a month ago, and when I first got it in the mail I was dying from an overload of cuteness! I knew that I was going to love this diaper just looking at it! GroVia has a wonderful line of print AIO diapers for newborns, I think you should definitely check them out!

GroVia Newborn All-in-ones are designed specifically for newborns. The All-in-one design, makes them similar to that of disposables. The All-in-one design is friendly for relatvies or babysitters who are new to cloth diapering, because they are so simple to use. No inserts needed to be stuffed, no snap-in liners, all you do is place the baby in the diaper, snap it on, and you’re good to go.

Here’s what the diaper looks like on the smallest setting. Isn’t it adorable?! Haha. This diaper can fit most newborns from 5lbs-12lbs+. Squishy is currently 11lbs, and it still fits him with a little wiggle room, he’s 3months now, so I’ll give it another month before he out grows it. The outer shell is made of a soft layer of water resistant TPU. I think I perfer this outer material over PUL because it seems to be a bit sturdier. In regards to leaks, I’ve never had a problem with leaking with this diaper. I’ve even used it on Squishy overnight. In that case, I’ll let Squishy go without a change for a longer period, and even though  the inside of the diaper is soaked, it has never leaked. Ever! I have had a problem with leaking with my pocket diapers, so this one passes the leakage test. Wh00t!

This diaper has one row of 8 hip snaps. Squishy is currently 3 snaps in on each side, which I think is great considering his weight his almost at the maximum for this diaper. It also has a row of sized snaps. At the largest setting you would leave the snaps open, and at the smallest setting you have the option of snapping up, to make it smaller. There is one snap on each of the hip flaps. The snap settings of this diaper are very basic, which is great for newbies to cloth diapering. I prefer diapers with snaps to those with a hook and loop, so the more simplistic the better.

Here’s what the inside of the diaper looks like. It is made with a super absorbent organic cotton inner liner, which is attached to the diaper (hence “all-in-one”). The bottom of the liner is not attached to the diaper, only the top is. This is wonderful when you are drying the diaper. Because the liner is only connected at one side, it allows it to “flap” open. So it cuts down on drying time tremendously. I can throw this diaper in the dryer with my pockets, and it will be completely dry at the end of the cycle. Most all-in-ones take longer to dry, however this one is perfect.

Here’s what the diaper looks like on Squishy. This diaper is extremely trim. With my pockets, I have to dress him up a size, but with this diaper, he can wear the clothes in his size without them being too small over the diaper. The leg gusset has an elastic band before the ruffles, so although it looks like the leg gusset is open here, it isn’t. I think the ruffles are more fashion than function. Although the leg gusset is only one (not doubled like other diapers), it does a great job holding in explosions.

Overall, I think these are my new favorite newborn diapers. I think if I ever decide to have another child, these will be my go-to diapers when he/she is born. Since I only have one now, Squishy isn’t in it all the time. If you’re looking for a great newborn diaper, the GroVia Newborn AIO is it!

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