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Are you looking for an innovative way to teach your little ones their ABC’s?
Why not get some help from a few cuddly friends?
When I first heard about the Alphabeasts, I knew I needed to share them with you all! The Alphabeasts are 26 cuddly, plush monsters that play and teach. They work together and use their letters to solve any problem they come across during their adventures.
I am definitely a fan of the Alphabeasts! These plush toys are simply creative. They are designed to encourage your children’s imagination and motivate them recognize and learn the alphabet. These creatures will also help increase and stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity, as well as help your child sound out and spell words in an inventive fashion.
Just as no two letters in the alphabet look alike, you better believe that no two Alphabeasts look alike. Each Alphabeast not only differs in appearence, each has its own unique personality and story. These two-sided creatures are soft and cuddly. They feature an uppercase letter on one side and the corresponding lowercase letter on the other, in contrasting colors.

Product Features:

  • 15″ generous height.
  • soft, velveteen outer fabric
  • high-quality stitching
  • uppercase and lowercase felt letters
  • two sided and two contrasting colors
  • includes a tag with Alphabeasts’ personality
Meet Zipperzoom:


“Slipping and sliding. That’s how this beast navigates his way around Alphaland. He’s a curious soul who wants nothing more than to be included in whatever’s going on at the time. And he’s a fast mover, so if you’re about to do something and Zipperzoom is around, rest assured he’ll be right next to you in no time.”

Meet Obaboo:


“This beast may not have any legs, but is impossible to knock over. The older brother of Ubatoo, this beast gets around Alphaland steadily by shuffling around and lending a helping hand to other beasts. Whether it means moving obstacles or carrying large items, Obaboo is a great builder and fixer.”

I was pleasantly surprised when I received these two Alphabeasts to review. These letters are Squishy’s exact initials! How perfect was that? I know that my little guy is going to have a blast learning his alphabet when the time is right, because the Alphabeasts make learning fun. My 3-year old niece knows her ABCs already, however she’s still learning to recognize how each letter looks. She loves these Alphabeasts! I’ve been reviewing with her and now she can recognize her “Z” and “O”, it’s great!

Some things I love about the Alphabeasts is that each one is paired with the corresponding lowercase letter on the other side. This is great when teaching your children the importance of uppercase and lower case letters. I think it was a clever idea to also pair each letter with contrasting colors. Now you have two lessons in one! The size of these plush toys are so generous- perfect for your child to hug and carry around. I also love that despite the appearance of these “beasts”, they are very soft and cuddly, which makes them a friendly product.

I would love to see AlphaToys come out with an Alphabeasts version for learning your numbers! Each number could be a “beast” or each “beast” could have a unique number of features to them. A beast with 2 tails to represent the number 2, or 8 eyes, or 4 ears, etc. That would be a cool, plush way to teach your children their numbers, I think. Who knows! What I do know is that the Alphabeasts are a brilliant way to engage your children in learning the alphabet and I recommend them to everyone- parents, teachers, students, alike.

You can visit the Alphabeasts website here and find out more about these great products!

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